Ginny Wosak serves as project manager for Baker Design Co.; however, her unofficial title at the burgeoning Northwest Florida-based interior design firm is coordinator of chaos. Ginny aptly and efficiently steers day-to-day functions while founder/owner Libby Baker Speight designs beautiful, customized home and business spaces.

Ginny, who joined Baker Design Co. in 2012, brings military precision to her position, as she proudly served 21 years in the U.S. Air Force, gaining extensive project management skills while traveling the world. The former loadmaster’s experience primed her for the challenge of managing the business side of the fast-paced, creative-driven company.

Her many responsibilities include managing accounts payables and receivables, serving as ordering agent and overseeing shipping, receiving and inventory and maintaining general bookkeeping for the firm, which was formed in 2009.

Ginny, who is a native of Philadelphia, has a true love for all things high style and a passion for photography. Her artful eye combined with her ability to be the Baker Design Co. master tasker (as she has been endearingly dubbed by Libby!) has made her an invaluable member of the fast-growing firm.