For Libby Baker Speight, interior design is a very personal thing.

Passionate about her belief that each design project should reflect the unique personality of the space’s owner (and not so much the person behind the design), Libby, founder of Baker Design Co., looks to her clients as creative collaborators. The result is always beautiful, bespoke designs that marry inspired originality with resourceful, client-specific functionality.

I think the biggest compliment I can ever receive is that Baker Design Co. does not have an ascribable signature look,” says Libby, who began her design career in 2006. “When we execute a job, from start to finish, we work to bring out an individual or brand’s style through innovative design.

Getting to know you…

Under her creative direction, every Baker Design Co. project – residential or light commercial – begins with a clean slate. Libby, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in interior design from the University of Southern Mississippi, draws inspiration from the way a client lives or works.

Libby Baker Speight
At this point, I know I need to create a solid foundation by talking less and listening more,” says the Jackson, Miss., native, who possess a dynamic personality and gracious Southern charm. “The process starts with me asking a lot of questions, such as: Are you obsessed with organization? Do you like to entertain friends and family with elaborate home-cooked meals, or is your kitchen a showplace? Is your place of business meant to be a peaceful workspace, or does your brand call for high-traffic retail needs? My client’s answers are always what inspire my designs.”

The business of creativity…

For the next step, Libby, a member of the American Society of Interior Designers, brings her honed project management skills to the table. She utilizes her seven years’ experience as project manager for design with York Developments in Hattiesburg, Miss., and three years’ managerial experience for an upscale interiors store located in Miramar Beach, Fla., to quickly and efficiently move a project forward.

Every client has a schedule and budgetary parameters. It is my job to meet, if not exceed, those goals, along with their design expectations,” says the decisive, high-energy multitasker. “I execute all the design plans, as well as meet with the tradespeople and vendors working on a project to ensure all details are covered and nothing is left to guesswork.

A place to call your own…

When Libby has completed a project, it doesn’t always offer the big reveal as seen on broadcasted design shows; however, she still gets the same rush of joy each time knowing that she has created a one-of-kind interior for her clients.

It’s super exciting! I wait on pins and needles to get feedback,” says Libby. “It is always my hope I can improve people’s lives through my designs (#LiveYourBestLife!). It is truly rewarding for someone to entrust me with creating a space that is, in both form and function, uniquely their own.


Here are some fast and fun answers from Libby Baker Speight, owner of Baker Design Co., to some lighthearted, quirky questions about Libby! Although Baker, 35, is a serious contender in the highly competitive world of design, it’s obvious why her sunny sense of humor and quick smile make the natural people person a favorite among her clients.